My Geforce2 MX-400 graphics card not working with my P4VMM2 Motherboard


I bought a new 4x AGP graphics card for my P3VMM2 mother board, but whenever I connect it I just get a message on the screen saying "no signal" Can anyone help me out with this. I am assuming that the graphics card should be ok for the motherboard.

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  1. Have you plugged in any extra internal cables the card may require? You have it plugged into a output supplied by the card itself not the mobo? A google search on your mobo didnt bring back a thing so cant help too much right now
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    You may need to supply complete PC specs if this does not help you. On your motherboard there is a video section. On settings there should be one to disable onboard video, that should be your problem. If you enable both onboard and GPU there will ba a conflict. Take out the card, go to motherboard main menu, change the setting, plug card back in. Switch your video cable to a port on the card.
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