Dell Precision 380 Upgrade?

I have Dell Precision 380. I dont know what motherboard is installed in it. but through a software i have been able to know that it has intel i955x chipset. I want to know how far i upgrade my computer to?
or Can I upgrade it to Core 2Duo?
Plz tell me. I will be very glad.
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  1. No. The 955 chipset is too old to support any core2 duos. And the motherboard is a btx format with btx case, so finding a newer board that fits is also difficult, but there are a few out there if you want to try changing it out. Only btx boards will fit, and your original dell operating system probably won't reactivate with a different motherboard. You'll need a new windows coa, unless you bought a new generic copy of windows. Microsoft will sometimes give you a new coa if your new board is made by dell. But I would keep your system as a spare or sell it on ebay, and start over.
  2. O1die, thank for your suggestion. I have noted it down.
  3. Obviously I will try for the maximum i.e "Pentium D". I knew about it, But i wanted to make sure of it. If I had to change the board, I will opt for Core 2Duo. So what motherboard can support upto that levlel, I have no ideal. Could you guide me? I will really appreciate that.
  4. No, I am content with Core 2Duo. I can't look beyond that at the moment. I will have to wait a little for the latest ones. So what options we have with C2D?
  5. No, not mini. Just Normal. Standard.
  6. okay. So now what to do? Lets finish it.
  7. deleted
  8. Thanks mate. You gave me so many options. DP 390 is what i m looking for at the moment. So I will go for it. I knew very little. But you guided me very well. Thanks again.
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