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I was loocking for a widget that show the cpu and gpu temperature. Someone told me to try rivatuner's widget. to get the widget working you have to have rivatuner and clic on the "low lever hardware monitoring" button but there is no such a button for my hd5770.

does anyone knows if an update can fix the low lever hardware monitoring so it can apear in rivatuner so the gpu temp can be shown on the rivatuner widget?

or does any other widget that show temperature of cpu and gpu exists?
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  1. hwmonitor


    also speccy is kind of cool to play with, its like "cpu-z + temps" but in a cleaner look and feel

  2. Ho they look nice, especially speccy but I was looking for a widget.
  3. anyonehas any widget that give the cpu and gpu temperature?
  4. Try Everest Ultimate. It has a widget that you can customize to give you all your system vitals. Mine has CPU temp, GPU temp, temp of all 3 hard drives, percent usage on cores, uptime, and all my voltages.
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