Whats the best air cooler

need a better air cooler because i have a phemon x4 955 be @ stock and it ildle is 40 load is 55c so im wondering what should i get :wahoo:
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  1. Hi

    What is your budget?, also what case and ram do you have? (the RAM make and model is important as some RAM modules have large heat spreaders which can cause compatibility issues with some coolers).
  2. well i have profile ram and my budget is $100
  3. skitz9417 said:
    well i have profile ram and my budget is $100

    Do you mean low profile RAM?

    Also you didn't mention what case you have...
  4. The NH-D14 and FRIO OCK are pretty much neck and neck: http://www.kitguru.net/components/cooling/zardon/thermaltake-frio-ock-cooler-review-better-than-noctua-d14/5/

    Go with which one you can find cheaper, the 212+ won't be as good as either, though most likely cheaper.
  5. ok thanks
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