Is my XP64 running in Sata Mode?

I recently installed xp64 on a ASRock z77 extreme 6 mobo, and decided to forgo slip-streaming the sata drivers into the install and installed them afterwords using AsRock's sata installation package. According to the readme, it seems like I've done everything correctly, but in my BIOS, it clearly shows that the hdd is running in IDE mode (and if I set it to sata mode the os won't boot) - and it doesn't seem that both could be correct.

-So what I'm looking for is a test / method to know what mode my computer is really using with the hdd. Any insight is appreciated.
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  1. Hello and welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums.

    In BIOS, along with IDE and SATA, do you have a AHCI option? If you have, it could be worth a try but it seems you're working with exactly what you originally installed.
  2. As per the bios:
    sata controllers - enabled
    sata mode selection - ide
    asmedia sata3 mode - ahci

    -I have a sata hdd using sata cables into sata ports.
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