Nvidia 9500 1gb vs 9500 512mb

what is the difference between Nvidia 9500GT 1GB and 9500 GT 512 MB
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  1. one has 512 mb and the other is a sales gimmick since the card is too slow to use 1GB

    just make sure they both use the same ram, GDDR2 or GDDR3, otherwise go with the faster ram
  2. Far as 512MB versus 1GB, on lower ends cards, it doesn't make a difference. This is the 9500GT I would suggest.

  3. +1 to picking whichever has Gddr3. The speed of the ram is more important than the quantity in this case.

    However, If you care about performance there are better options than a 9500GT.

    If you want to post your system specs (including power supply and monitor resolution) along with your price range we can tell you the best value card for you.
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