Need help with dell primary drive sequence

Hi, I've been dealing with aPrimary drive 0 and 1 not found for a week or so. Used to be able to just do F1 and it would open normal. But I had to screw around with F2 setup and now it won't open normal at all, can anyone help me I am desperate to work today!!! THANKS
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  1. Go back into the BIOS and reset it to Factory Default, save and exit.
  2. Ok, I will try that -- its scary, as the computer is at least 5 years old and has been through a lot of trial and tribulation, as it is. lol I'm a little scared that might be too much for it, plus I have my hard drive partitioned and.... yeah, the idea scares me a little, do you think it will still be ok, knowing all this?
    And thanks for your quick answer canadian 69.
  3. Seeing as how its not operating right now, I dont see how it can hurt.
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