Clean install on my RevoDrive... any special wipe/format tools?

Installed my RevoDrive 120gb over a year ago and it's time to do a fresh install of 7.

Wondering if I just use the standard format and reinstall procedure or if there's some special wiping tool or anything like that I should run first?
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  1. When I start a new install, or restore an older backup, I do a Secure Erase. It's approximately like doing a TRIM on the whole drive. Secure Erase is an ATA command that was added (I don't know when).

    I downloaded the Parted Magic ISO and made a bootable CD. The worst problem that I have doing a Secure Erase is that sometimes I have to sleep / wake the machine to unlock the SSD. My drive is a Crucial RealSSD (are there fake SSDs?), so your mileage may vary.
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