No Picture, Fan turns, lights on

When I turn the PC on I get no picture, the fan spins, and the lights come on but nothing, I have a Abit NF7 mobo. I tried a couple of AGP cards and PCI card to no joy. I tried it with nothing on the mobo but power and the graphics card.

I am sure I know what the problem is but I want to hear it from someone else.
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  1. Have you checked to make sure your monitor isn't the problem? Try hooking up another computer to it. Try hooking that computer up to another monitor. It could be the cable. It should at least display the bios if the hardware is working correctly.
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    Do you have a case speaker and if so are you getting any error beeps?

    Could be a dead motherboard or a dead PSU. Can you try it with a different PSU ? If you can rule out the PSU and monitor then its time for a new motherboard. Time to upgrade from AGP anyways ;) lol
  3. No case speaker, I was thinking that I should still see bios posting or some kinda life on the screen. The PSU is. . was a good upper middle class unit at the time I built the system six or seven years ago but I only know that it turns the fan and lights the mobo up. The monitor is the one I use daily and I have listed in my system specs here. I gave the PC to a family member years ago they upgraded when it stopped working. I tried two different monitors and two different cables.
  4. Probably the motherboard but even a quality PSU can fail especially considering age.
  5. I am going to swap out the PSU and if that doesn't work I am going to put it on a bed of twigs on a boat and send it adrift and when it gets so far out I am going to shoot flaming arrows at it. I was just trying to get a web PC for my nephew to keep all the spy ware, ad-ware and viruses that he gets from all the infected sites he visits(Joke). It's old so I'll just put down.

    And thank you all for the help you have given me.
    Sincerely Kuga
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