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New Stealth Game 'Stolen' out next year!

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November 23, 2004 1:04:49 PM

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"rms" <> kirjoitti
viestissä:D Xtod.29423$
> Just a headsup!


Always good to see new stealth games being developed. Stolen seems to have
many basic elements common with Thief. The screenshots didn't do anything
for me though, and they all seem to be 3rd person pov shots. Since the game
is primarily developed on the PS2, it probably won't even include 1st person
pov, but what do I know.

Good luck to the developers, I sincerely hope that Stolen succeeds. That
would increase the chances of there being a Thief IV :) 

- Mika L
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November 23, 2004 7:53:23 PM

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Albert Conklin wrote:

> Might be promising. Screen captures are a bit bright for hiding in
> the dark.

Normal screen captures would probably come out black, or become
black in reproduction -- these have almost certainly been keyed
very high to avoid that.

I can't make sense of the EDGE quote, though:

"Stolen may snatch the thrill of stealth back from the competition"

What competition is that, and what did Hip or Blue52 do in the stealth
line of games before they lost the thrill to them ... if that makes any sense?

Anders Thulin ath*
November 23, 2004 8:21:59 PM

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rms wrote:
> Just a headsup!
> rms


Q: Stolen is being developed for the PS2, Xbox and PC. Did you run into
any issues developing for multiple platforms?

A: "...the game was created to perform on PS2 hardware specs initially,
which is the hardest of the three platforms to develop for, in that
respect. So conversion to the Xbox and PC was an easier job than it
might have been if we had been doing it the other way round."

Another conversion debacle similar to that of Thief 3? Sounds
interesting, other than that. One can easily draw
similarities/influences from Thief, but it could just be coincidence, or
the fact that the features talked about are ones obviously thought of
when the word 'stealth' comes up.