what is it truely that makes my laptop dell 6400, run so slow??

i have an dell inspiron 6400 laptop i have done a complete reset on the optr. system, and i have done disc defragmenting and disc cleanup, but even with all that, it seems to do the same thing, if i click on a link or somthing it may take up to 12-22 seconds to open up a map or a day on a calander? so is the answer a new pc or upgrade the processer? and i was told that it's not the processer that gives a pc it's speed as far as muliti-tasking or basic opterations that it is the size of ram or hard drive? is that true?

thanks for the help

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  1. Go with RAM first, then HDD.

    Being unfamiliar with Dell Inspiron 6400, I'd get the most RAM you can. Then, a faster/larger HDD (or SSD). Let me look into what you can get...

    Plus, take a look at what/how many programs are lauching at start up. Boot only what you know you need. Every software writer makes some form of his software launch at start up (i.e. Abobe, Office, etc.).

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  2. Alot of factors would come into play.
    For example if you have less then 1gb of ram and are running Vista it will be slow.
    The processor definitely has alot to do with multitasking.
    I'm no expert on laptops,have never owned one.
    But from what i understand that model is closing in on 5 yrs.
    If you have less then 1gb of ram that's the first thing you should address.
    If your hdd is near full capacity that will also slow it down.
    I certainly wouldn't spend much more money on it though.
    What you would pay today for a low-midrange laptop is probably alot more capable then your current unit.

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  3. Searching for your model, I found this:

    With integrated Intel® graphics:
    512MB of shared2 DDR2 SDRAM standard, upgradable to 2GB of shared2 DDR2 Dual Channel SDRAM

    2 SoDIMM sockets, both are user-accessible

    So, you probably only have 512MB of RAM, I'd push it to 2GB! But, I don't know what type of DDR2 you need (i.e. DDR2-667 or DDR2-800), or how many slots you have (probably 1). You'll have to find out before you buy anything.

    And, I don't know what SoDIMM is, maybe that is the memory you need? Still need to know at what speed. But there is this.

    Like Davcon, I'm no Laptop expert, never owned one. So I'll get out.
  4. If you go to crucial.com they will sell memory guaranteed to work with it
  5. I have an inspiron 6400 still going strong. to speed mine up I:
    - added memory up to now 2Gb (2x1Gb) (- there are 2 slots easilty accessible on the bottom) which gave it the biggest boost.
    - checked it wasn't throttled by a power management setting - I used Speedswitch
    - Clean the registry - 2nd biggest boost - I use ccleaner and Advanced System Care, both free.
    - clean out useless startups (as per previous post). Lots of tools to help with this.
  6. Processor is handling the multi tasking but RAM just fill into its power & speed .... & hard is just a room that your files are ...RAM is those files working place that biger workingplace would bring a better results & Processor works as a worker which handle all works so better processor means stronger & faster worker which can do jobs faster ... Overal upgrade is recomanded but Upgarding CPU wouldnt be bad idea !!
  7. If you did not understood some of the parts just tell me ... my english is bad so you may have problems of understanding my words ...sorry !!!
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