Where do i connect this power cable of graphics card on my motherboard

I have bought a 9800 gt it comes wid only 1 cable and i dont knw where to connect it. and the image link of this cable is
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  1. Does your package come with manuals or instructions?
  2. Hi Salmanstm--

    I dont recognize it from that photo, but you shouldn't need anything other than the 6-pin power connector to run the graphic card.

    I assume its something extra that would only rarely be used..? like a fan controller or something? Is there a spot it fits on the card? What make/model 9800GT?
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    Hi salmanstm

    I would beleive it is an S/PDIF cable... It is used to pass audio signals to the card from your motherboard which will in turn pass down the HDMI cable if you want to use audio over HDMI.
  4. That is most definitely as Zanathon mentioned, an S/PDIF Cable for passing sound through the HDMI port on the graphics card.

    @OP could you please post the brand/model of your motherboard so I can give you directions on where to plug it in on your motherboard if you plan to use the HDMI on a monitor with speakers?
  5. I dont use hdmi so its useless for me then to use this S/PDIF cable? And second there is no manuals in the box its only 2 cables ... 1 i use for the heat sink fan n the other 1 i dont know where to plug it.
  6. Manual should be on the CD.
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