Lacie monitor problems in w line display

I have a 3 year old Lacie Electron Blue IV 319" TFT monitor. When I turn it on, sometimes it will turn black with a white line running from left to right in the middle of the screen. Sometimes it will happen after a half hour and sometimes it won't happen all day. When this happens, I turn the monitor off, then wait for ten seconds, turn it on, and that usually fixes it (temporary). I have checked the cables and made sure they have a solid conection and even tried plugging the power cord into a different outlet, but it hasn't solved the problem. Is my monitor dying or is it something else? Thank you for your replys,
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  1. Do you use your monitor a lot? Ie. keep it on for long durations?
    If you haven't made any changes to your computer recently, and you haven't fiddled with your monitor, then it's most likely the monitor dying. Or, the second possibility is, your gpu is dying.
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