Why is my game slow

i have installed Win.7 and now my games dont work, itis very slow..i have downloaded driver 952 but it is still the same

2.2 duo core
3 gig ram
320 gigsata HD
GT8500 graphics card
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  1. What game are you trying to run? Try running them in compatibility mode if it doesn't work.
  2. Well, you only have 3 gigs of ram and iirc Win7 uses more RAM then XP. Then again, your whole PC is slow.
  3. it depends on the games you play if you upgrade your Gpu then you can play new games

    and again if you want more performance in games like prototype and GTa 4 upgrade your processor
  4. How slow is slow? It might be your 8500GT as well. That's not really a gaming card.
  5. Did you wipe the HD clean and reinstall everything with Win7 drivers ?
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