Asus p6t SE Front Audio Connection Troubles

Hi Guys, Thanks in advance for your help. I've some time googling for people with similar problems but came up with nothing.

I have an Asus p6t SE motherboard and a box with front panel mic and headphone jacks. I can't get the mic to work on the front panel using HD audio. The headphones work fine, and windows recognizes when I've plugged in a jack into the front audio, but not the front mic.

The bios allows me to choose the front output as Legacy AC'97 or HD audio. When I choose Legacy AC'97 the mic jack works, but the headphones sound like crap (Mono instead of stereo maybe?). When I choose HD audio, the headphones sound way better but the mic doesn't work.

I've made sure that the front audio module is plugged into the motherboard as an "HD audio" device.

What am I doing wrong? Thanks for your help, I'm starting to go :pt1cable: !
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  1. Assuming this is not a selection problem -> What OS {e.g. Windows 7 64-bit}

    There are some patches that address the HD Audio. I would suggest that you open the Device Manager expand the [+] tree and update everything Sound tree {Update driver...}
  2. Sorry I should've mentioned that I'm using Windows 7 Home 64 bit. I will go through and update the drivers as you recommended and report back.

    Thanks for your help :)
  3. Thanks jaquith. I updated using the most recent high definition audio codec from the website. Unfortunately it didn't solve my problem. I can't get the system to recognize when I plug in the front mic.

    Any other suggestions anyone?
  4. Just an update, I checked the box 'disable front panel jack detection' in the realtek audio manager. Now output on the front panel is always on, and my mic input works.

    Seems like the issue is the front panel doesn't recognize when my mic is plugged in, thus my computer never turns the mic input 'on'.

    Does anyone know how the computer knows when I've plugged something in the front jacks? Is this a grounding issue?

    Since I've gotten the front mic to jack to work, my problem is more just annoying than anything else now. But I'd still like to fix it if anyone knows what's wrong.
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    Assuming this is not a selection problem ->

    I've always done it manually {switching}.

    Otherwise I use a USB DSP headset that will change back and forth automatically.
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  7. BTW - there are 'some' that auto-detect the CON is they don't switch as expected or switch back and forth unexpectedly. The Manual PRO is you have the control.

    Good Luck! :)
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