HELP cant loggin after overclocking

Hello, im noob at overclocking, so I gave it a try anyways. Since i had little clue what to do, I used the MSI Military class 2 program in BIOS to auto overclock.(thought it would help me out alot). I checked with different stuff etc. And found out i got 3.3 instead of 3.0 but my core temp went upfrom 1300 til around 1470ish. I dont know if thats too high. But i knew something was wrong because I started to smell i weird smell coming from somewhere in my room. Burnt ish smell when you just turned on the oven after it havent been used for a while. So i quickly turn off the comp. Waited a while, and decided to turn on and try return to default, but it was too late my comp just shut down. Tried to turn it on, Now my start up screen is like MSI MILITARY CLASS 2 logo. Asking me if i should start normaly etc when you just took its power. When the logging is coming up a quick flash of blue screen come up and then my comp shuts down and this prosses keep going and going, i tried the CMOS restart and everything. PLEASE HELLP ME
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  1. O.O WoW so Core Temp was Reading 1300c??? if so seems like you Burnt your System up Bro Cpu or Something Yikes
  2. damn, rly? i find it weird that i can still turn on my computer tho :O asked a friend he said it could be something with my ram. pfft
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