Cooler Master V10 cooler.

So someone I know is selling a Cooler Master Level 10 used.

How much should i pay for it.

(I plan to Use it in my new build, so i posted it here, because nobody is in overclocking cooler section)

Is it any good?

Is it better than a Meghalmens or the Hyper 212+?
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    Its a little better than the hyper 212+ but not as good as a megahalems. Its around the Xigmatek S1283 (Dark Knight, etc) IIRC. There is only a couple degrees difference between each of them anyway.
  2. Ah okay so how much should i pay?

    And it loses to a 80$ cooler and costs 130$ at reatil lol.
  3. Its priced based on what people will pay for its looks, not its performance.

    I just paid $45 for a Xigmatek Balder for the looks instead of going with one of the cheaper coolers (hyper 212, core contact, mugen 2).
  4. There is only one aircooler that beats the Megahalems, an thats Noctua's new UD14 140mm cooler (wont fit in many cases). Of course the H50 sealed watercooler performs about the same for $80 also. There are a many of below $50 coolers that come within a few degrees of the top end coolers.
  5. So don't pay 50$+ for the V10?
  6. Agree.... Paying anything over $50, you can purchase a new heat sink that is better than the V10 (new or used).
  7. Ok. I'll see if i can get it for 50$, if not, I'll buy a new Meghalmens..
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