Replacing my motherboard, but using the same hd with vista on it

So here is my question.

My micro atx mobo crapped out on me.

I bought the ASUS P5N-D LGA 775 NVIDIA nForce 750i SLI ATX Intel Motherboard

I plan using the hd it has windows vista on it, my dvd drive, the e5200 from my old board and the ram.

The only thing i will be changing is the heat sink.

Is there anything that i should know before putting in the new board or that needs to be done post install besides the driver install.

I have the room in my case, i bought a grounding wrist strap.
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    1) It is typically recommended to do a reinstall of your OS when you are going to a completely new motherboard. This is the cleanest process to avoid possible BSOD / Driver Issues. If this isn't really an option, I would make sure you have your OS still handy, so you can run a "repair" on the system (if need be). Also, I would boot into Safe Mode prior to installing drivers and use a program like DriveSweeper to remove all the old drivers related to your old board. Once that is completed, boot up as normal and install the motherboard drivers.

    2) As for replacing the motherboard, it is pretty much like doing a new build so follow the same steps as you initially did. I would mark your case connectors with what they are before removing the old board to be on the safe side (not necessary if already clearly marked) so you have an idea how to match up with the new motherboard. Here is a good thread to review of things to watch for (or troubleshoot if need be):
  2. Thanks,
    So if possible clean install the os. I don't think i have the os disk as it didn't come with my pc in the first place.

    Could i use a different os such as windows 7
  3. Yes... You could do a clean install with Windows 7.
  4. Thanks for your help, i finally get to use the windows 7 copy i got from msdnaa
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