Connecting case fans to mobo?

i need to hook up 3 chassis fans and 1 case light (all 3pin connectors) to my mobo and or psu. my mobo has the 4 basic 3/4pin connectors (pwr, cha1, cha2, and cpu) idk how i would connect any to my psu seeing as it only has 6pin connectors for hard drives and video cards. my molex cables arent color coded and the last time i used one of them it fried my mobo. please help me out :)



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  1. I would purchase a few of these (Rosewill 12" PWM Splitter Model RCW-FPS-401 - Retail[/ur]) and connect the fans to your molex cables on your PSU (doesn't matter which ones). I wouldn't connect all of them to your MOBO, since you only have three available (CPU is for your CPU fan)
  2. i guess ill try that, but how do i connect that to my psu? is there a molex to 6pin adapter that would work? (my psu only has 6pin connectors)
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