Core i5 430m with geforce gts360 or core i7 720qm with geforce gt330m?

I do a ton of video editing - adobe premiere cs4 needs a ton of power, and editing avchd is a bitch. i know what i need is 8quad MAC, but cant afford it right now.

From these three, which is best:

Toshiba - core i5 430m / 18.4" / geforce gts 360m / 1 gb gddr5
Asus - core i7 720qm / 15.6 / geforce gt 240m / 1gb gddr3
Toshiba - i7 720qm / 16 / geforece gt 330m / 1gb gddr3

They all come with 500gb and 4gb ram - but the 1st toshiba has 7200rpm while the other 2 only 5400.

the 1st toshia is 1099, the asus 949, and the 2nd toshiba is 899.

Which would make my editing a little easier?
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    For gaming,your best choice is the toshiba model with GT 360M,because its significantly faster than either GT 330M or GT 240M.
    But for video editing,either the second or the third one would be the best,because video editing benefits from quad core CPU
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