Only 4gb of ram out of 6gb is detected in system info

I just finished building my system and it has an asus p6x58d-e motherboard. an i7 950 processor. windows 7 64 bit.and the ram pc3-12800/1600mhzand patriot sector 7 ram.. At boot it says 4088 or something like that mb of ram OK. When i go to system information i get 2 2gb of physical memory. But if i open up cpu-z and go to memory it says i have 6144mbytes, and it is triple channel, sometimes it says dual, but it is always 6144 mbytes. i tested out teh sticks by trying to boot the system by using 1 stick, and it hung up on 1 stick. What should i do, its pretty irritating knowing what you have isnt being used.
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  1. This may mean

    1) one of the RAM sticks is not properly seated

    2) one of the RAM sticks is defective

    3) one of the RAM slots on the motherboard is defective

    4) cpu is not fitted properly in its socket on the motherboard, bending some pins.
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