I5-680 p55 vs h57????

I won a i5 680 and want to build a system around it. I'm looking at using this machine for internet, gaming, movies(in the future bluray), and would like something that is somewhat future proof for awhile. I may try to oc. I currently don't have a good graphics card so the h57 is appealing. Are there any disadvantages to using a h57 mobo over a p55?
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  1. Here's a copmparison chart:


    If you aren't using RAID and don't plan SLI/xfire, no difference.
  2. The only big disadvantage is typically the lack of support for dual graphics cards. For a single card or on-board, the H57 is a good choice... IMO
  3. Thanks for the replies! what are good h57 and p55 boards? I'm looking for something under $150. I also may overclock in the future. Something thats not too difficult to configure yet is robust and has some options.
  4. Here are three boards that will do nicely:


    If you don't need 8 SATA, you can skip the USB3. If you want a mATX board to fit in a smaller case (eg, NZXT Vulcan), the H57 will do nicely. The UD3 supports SATA/USB 3.0, and would be the likely choice.

    NZXT Vulcan: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811146065&Tpk=nzxt%20vulcan
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