Can i run triple channel?

First of all, i don't know to much about memory.. but i do know that it would be beneficial to run triple channel over dual channel. I'm building a new computer and i've already bought my motherboard from newegg -

My question is if i can run triple channel on my motherboard or not. If you go to my link and go to details, you will see that under memory it says "channel supported - Dual Channel". If i were to buy a triple channel set of ddr3 would it work on my motherboard? This set for example
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    1) Only LGA 1366 (X58) currently support triple-channel memory. Your board supports dual-channel memory.

    2) A triple-channel memory will work on your board... Just not in triple-channel. There is minimal benefit with triple over dual, so I would go with a dual-channel set. 4GB of RAM is good enough for about 95% of all PC's. :)
  2. thanks, just one more question, how would the Ram be ran then? dual channel with an extra? trying to understand.
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  4. Yes.. One set would be in dual and one stick would be in single. It is just better to buy in sets of two... IMO.
  5. if i am running my system for primarily gaming would something like this - - be enough? or would i want to get 8gigs? sorry, last question, thanks for all the help though!
  6. ^+1... it will work for gaming.
  7. alright, thanks for all the help! both of you.
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