Freezing problem with new build

So I built my first computer about a month ago, and I have had freezing problems with it that keep getting worse. First of all, here are my specs for those who want to know:
-XFX Nforce 750i SLI extreme
-Core 2 Quad (2.5 ghz)
-BFG NVidia 9600 gt (overclocked edition)
-Corsair XMS2 6400 (2x2gb)
-750 gb. WD caviar green
OK, now for the problem. When I first was installing Windows 7 (64-bit) it kept freezing in the middle of the install until I did something (I don't remember what) to get it to fully install. Whatever I did, I think I got lucky because once installed, it kept freezing again. Most of the time after about 2 minutes. I did a whole bunch of things to try to troubleshoot including:
-install Windows 7 with the same disc on a different machine to make sure it wasn't a bad disc
-Manually set my memory timers and voltage
-Get new memory in case mine was bad
-Upgrade all of my drivers for everything
-Turn off system tasks in safe mode to see if I had a bad .dll
-Use a different hard drive
-System restore
-Startup fix utility
-Probably other things I can't think of right now

After all of this, I thought I got it to work because it didn't freeze and even let me play Fallout 3 for about an hour. Then I turned off my computer and now when I restart it freezes during the "starting windows" screen. I tried to boot into safe mode and it froze doing that as well. Then I tried to install Fedora (Linux) on a different hard drive and it froze for that as well. After all of this, I have come to the conclusion that its a hardware issue and that its one of a few things.
1.) Bad PSU
2.) My CPU is overheating for some reason
3.) My CPU is bad
4.) My motherboard is bad somewhere
5.) Something to do with my graphics card (I doubt this, but its a possibility)

I know this is a lot of text but I'm at a point where nothing in any other forum is helping me and no one else seems to be having a problem similar to mine so I figured I would try to get some help. I tried to be very specific to help you guys out but if you have any other questions as to what is happening, please ask. I appreciate any ideas you guys might have as well. Thanks!
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  1. Have you tried to open the case up and try reseating everything. Make sure your memory and power cords are in nice and tight. Also try to reseat your heatsink just to make sure it has been seated correctly. While you are in there you should also check and see if all your fans are spinning up and working correctly.
  2. What is your CPU temp showing as in the BIOS? What PSU do you have?
  3. I think I got it. My stock CPU fan wasn't fully hooked into one of the clips so it wasn't fully contacted with my CPU. I'm getting a new cooler anyways because the stock ones blow so I will test it again on Friday.
  4. That didn't solve it. I also checked my power supply by putting it in another computer and it worked fine. So now I think I'm down to my processor, mobo, or graphics card. Any other ideas?
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