Thermalright xp-90c

Hello, anyone know where i can purchase a thermalright xp-90c
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  1. i have a k8 socket 754 athlon 64 3200+ DTR clawhammer 130 nm,has no IHS with a thermalright xp-90 aluminum + DFi lanparty NF3 250gb + kingston ddr 500 + two 74 gb raptors + power color ati 9800 se + bluestorm 550 w power supply with PFC .....

    i am thinking of giving this socket 939 athlon x-2 3800+ 90nm ,only problem is i have a bio-star ms-7184,i picked this mb and processor up for $7.not sure if its pci express 2.0 compatible.i think it came out of a can use all my components ram,psu, hdd only thin i cant use is my agp video card good thing i have the trusty geforce fx 5200 pci video card to boot and play with it.if i cannot find a copper xp 90 then im gonna just get another aluminum one.. thanks
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