CPU/FSB clock speed changes greatly under load! NOT c'n'q/c1e related!

Hey guys, the problem is somewhat hard to explain as it happens more frequently and the clock changes are more great the longer the pc is running. From a 3.5 Ghz i've seen it dip as low as 2.9. This is a Athlon II x3 450 unlocked and OC'ed using stock voltage. I'm almost sure its not a cpu problem. Need someone to point me in the right direction, any help would be apreciated.
Core temps are not accurate as the CPU is unlocked!

Temp0 - mobo chipset (as far as i can tell)
Temp1 - CPU temperature (actual CPU temp is higher by 1 degree Celsius)
Temp2 - Mosfet (as far as i can tell)

Mobo is GA-MA770t-UD3 rev1.3 F8 *4+1 Phase
Cooler is Schythe Grand Kama Cross
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  1. Its not a cpu problem as its just the cpu throttling itself for added performance and power saving
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