How do I control CPU fan?

Alright, so I have a M4A88TD-V USB3/SATA6 motherboard. I just bought the Coolermaster 212+. This is my first custom PC. I just did a prime95 test and it idled at 36 and full load's at 56... I don't know if that's good or not, the CPU fan is in bewteen the Rear and the Heatsink. :P (I'm trying to figure out if this fan is an exhaust or intake so I can reposition it a better airflow). Anyways, while doing the prime95 test, I noticed that the fan's speed would stay the same. So question is, how do I control it's speed ?
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  1. Oh nvm. My motherboard came with Asus AI Suite, :P sorry to ask such futile question haha >:P , but I still want to know if the fan is an intake or an exhaust P:
  2. How come AI Suite and AI Probe II don't work properly ? I'm observing the temperature on the CPU's and no matter what it stays at 34 degree celcius.. And I can't seem to use it to control my fans either. :S
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