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So Im building my first computer. I was wondering, am I supposed to connect both drives(DVD SATA & HD SATA) to a single power cable coming from the PSU(modular Sparkle 1250W) or use two different power connectors for each drive.
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  1. You can connect them to a single cable.
  2. yes its fine to do that. you can hook up multiple devices per cable.
    that is a low quality psu...
  3. The Sparkle 1250W PSU is $349 at NewEgg. I thought for that price it'd be pretty good. What is a good psu then?
  4. corsair 950, for example...sparkle is made by fsp, its mediocre...
    and yes fsp/sparkle products are overpriced
  5. I was reading one of the only 3 reviews out there on this product and the reviewer was making mention that this sparkle product is not made by fsp/sparkle. He said sparkle comp. and fsp/sparkle are two different companies. Sparkle Computer Company manufactures nvidia cards and just recently started making PSUs. They have a 1000w and a 1250w models. I dont know what fsp/sparkle makes.

  6. I just read another review in which the reviewr found four dummy weights glued to the inside of the Sparkle PSU. Apparently the pourpose of this dummy weights is to give the unit that quality heavy feel. He took photos and everything. The article is on the johnnyguru website's forum. I guess Im not buying this after all. Im gonna go in safe with the Corsair 850HX.
  7. good choice!
    yeah some/most sparkles are made by fsp, in general sparkle sucks...
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