ASUS Rampage III Gene, Red light on CPU only, does not boot.

So Everything is hooked up, I've got a i7-950 chip in there and when we press the power switch, everything seems to work except for no bios screen comes up and the CPU light on the Powerbelt is lit up red. All the fans, on the Vid card, LED lights, power supply everything else seems to be working.

I'm assuming the CPU was DOA, but this is my fourth build pc and the first to not boot up, so I'm not sure.

Does anyone else know more about the Powerbelt and if there is anything else to try aside from sending the chip back for a replacement.

The complete specs of the build:

ASUS Rampage III Gene
i7-950 intel CPU
MSI GeForce 470 GTX
Crucial 4gb DDR3 10600 Ram
Intel 80gb SSD
WD Caviar Black 640 gb
Corsair 750 watt power supply
Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus CPU cooler
Lite on Optical drive

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
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  1. I'm having the same problem, did you every come to a conclusion on whether it was the CPU?
  2. I would suggest re-seating the processor again...if there is no bios then that may be the issue..or the video card/ram...hate to say it..but you may have to start removing individual parts and determining the issue..let us know what happens
  3. I've reseated the processor, memory into a number of different slot combination, & nothing....
  4. sorry I havent been around..or that no one else has jumped in to help...hows it going now? Did you get it to work?
  5. if it still doesn't could consider removing the battery and re-inserting it..or 1-by-1 removing each part (video card, ram, etc) this case there could be a number of things's hard to say..just make sure your ram is seated, I got another question actually...maybe im wrong, but does the rampage 3 gene have the post codes? it will show you what the issue may be
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