New to OCing any tips would be GREATLY appreciated

Hi, first off thanks for just viewing this thread:D Ive never Overclocked anything but a nook color (lol so easy) But I'm really interested in possibly overclocking my cpu and maybe gpu. First things first I have a I5-3570K cpu with an AsRock Z77 Pro3 MB. It has 8 gigs of ram and a xfx radeon 7850 gpu. I have a xfx pro450w psu which is all in a crappy rosewill blackbone case. I have no extra fans and I realize i might have to get a new psu if I want to OC. Is there anything I can do to boost my system somewhat safely without risking screwin it up? If so can anyone recommend programs/sites I will need to get and learn? Any information I will gladly take:D
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More about ocing tips greatly appreciated
  1. Hi, overclocking Ivy Bridge is really simple, here's a quick guide to get you started:

    However I'd recommend you manually input the stock voltage of your CPU in the BIOS and do not exceed this.
    I don't think you should increase the voltage from stock with the PSU you have.

    To make sure an overclock is stable many people use Prime95
    And to monitor temps a good program is Hardware Monitor.

    Try not to exceed 75C under maximum load, and like I said before I would recommend staying at stock voltage because of the PSU you have.
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