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Windows 7 64 bit 4 GB ram only 3.5 Usable


I just build my first build. I have the 4 gb g skill ram installed to my asus p7p55d-e lx mother board. Windows says 4 gig available but only 3.5 gig usable. Is this normal?
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums
    Is your OS 32bit or 64bit ? because 32bit OS's recognize maximum 3.5GBs of RAM.
  2. I see from your title that you are using 64-*bit Windows.

    Some of the memory ( 500 MB ) may have been allocated to hardware. You can determine that by using resource monitor. Open C:\Windows\System32\resmon.exe and click Memory tab. You have the info there, hardware reserved, in use, etc. If your Windows is not on C:, change it to your boot drive letter.
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    oops,my bad :)
    If you are using a 64bit OS,then make sure maximum memory is unchecked
    go to msconfig>boot>advanced option> make sure maximum memory is unchecked.
  4. Thanks guys! its fixed!
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