What's better ?

palit GTS250 E-Green

or palit 9800

simple ques

thanks in front
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  1. Not sure the E-Green is suppose to mean less power, but I don't know if it means less performance. The 9800 and the 250 is based off of the same G92 core that is itself dated to the 9800. They are essentially the same thing, except the 250 has a die-shrink, 3d vision, and uses less power.
  2. i need a card about 120 $
    and i got confused what to get
  3. this one is cheap but does have 1 good and 1 bad review. its faster than a gts 250 and it supports dx11.

  4. is it better than 9800 ???
  5. Yes, the above mentioned HD5750 is better than both of those cards.

    Have a look at this:
    HD 4850 for $95:

    It is on par with a Regular GTS 250(Which will be faster than a GTS250 E-Green) and much cheaper too!
  6. +1 to shubham. But hey- if you want DX11, the 5750 is faster than all of the above and supports DX11. the 4850 is definitely the fastest for the least amount of money.
  7. ^ +1.
  8. Or, another option for the same price is the 512mb 5770. It' faster than all the others just has less memory. If you are gaming on a really big screen (1920 x 1080 or bigger), or want extreme antialiasing, you need the 1gb. Otherwise, I say go for the 5770.

  9. i found a 4890 1G powercolor and VTx 5770 1G each one for 220 $
    a 4860 msi 1G for 200$

    my boared is 750 a sli chipset
  10. But you said your budget is 120$? Isn't it?

    Tell us what your budget really is.
    Also mention system specs along with monitor's native resolution and PSU.
  11. monitor native resolution is 1920x1080

    6400+ processor 4 GB ram
    just simple

    i can boost my budget up to 150$
  12. i forgot 500 w psu 2 x 12v rail with 18 amp
  13. This XFX HD5770 is good for your resolution and 1GB VRAM will also come in handy


    This is the best card your budget allows.
  14. i wish i could get it in my country its 200 $

    :( :(
    i researched about it and i found it's really the best for 15$

  15. If you can't get the 5770, its gonna be tough to play things at high settings at 1920x1080. You can probably still do it with a 5750 or even a 5670, but you'll have to drop detail settings down a bit. For the price, you won't get better than a 5750 or even a 4850 if you can't jump up to 5770. I'd just save for a 5770.
  16. i found a two 4890 for 200$
    and i can't afford them

    i found 4850 ,5750 and the GTS 250 egreen and 9800 gt
    so what should i get :whistle:
  17. out of those 4, get the 5750. Easily the best of the bunch. as fast or faster, and has DX11 + eyefinity, though you might be able to find a 5770 for only another couple bucks, which would be even better.
  18. 5770 for a couple of bucks is better buy IMO.

    If you wanna buy a 5750 level performer then you have HD4850 for so cheap(95$)
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