Corsair 850 vs. the 950 PSU..... Cant decide

Have been at it for a while now keep going back and forth...have most components some are on the way..cant decide between the corsair 850 or the 950 watt.

Here is my new to be rig

i7 930
Gigabyte GA X58A UD3R
Sony sata dvd-rw drive
2 BFG 9800 gt's oc sli (for the time being...prob. until christmas) then Ill need some receomendations on a new GPU

Picked up the 850 today but now I am second guessing myself to take back for the 950 for a few bucks more.( not really an issue )

Spoke to Corsair who also suggested that the 850 was enough...just want to be sure as pos.

Not really going to be doing any overclocking for the time being...maybe will dabble in the future

Sorry for not giving exact model #s...It's 1:30 A.M. and I just dont have it it me at the moment.

Any helpful advice would be great!!
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  1. A Corsair 850 watt is plenty big enough and for your current rig overkill.

    When you do decide to upgrade the 850 watt unit will give you plenty of headroom for upgrade. Depending on how pricing is by Christmas I would still bet on the ATI HD 5850 being the best bang for the buck option. Take a look at my power requirement sticky for more info.

    Good Luck
  2. Yes if all corsairs are like my corsair then they deliver all their rated power and more. You do not need to worry about your current (overkill I might add) corsair 850W. I would bet that it could easily deliver 950W when it needs to (although constant would be a bit iffy). Not that your current rig would ever use nearly these amounts of power.
  3. Thanks for the advice guys...I will stick with the 850...

    Another thing I forgot to ask about is the cpu heatsink/fan...someone suggested the.... Scythe Mugen-2 Rev. B...Trying to do as much reserch as pos. but there are so many out there

    This seems to get good reviews and I will have plenty of room with Cooler Master HAF 922 case I picked up.

    Once again thanks
  4. I have been happy with my Mugen II. It was surprisingly easy to mount in spite of what I had read about it.

    Of course, I'll be changing it out for one of our air coolers very soon when they go retail. Enjoy the PSU!
  5. I actually switched cases today and went a picked up the coolermaster CM 690 II. I was up in the air between the two then realized this one might work out a little better. I also picked up the Frio CLP0564 for a cpu cooler.
  6. Would it smart to exchange the 850 for a 750 while i still can ???...keeping in mind that I will def. be bumping up my gpu at the end of the year... looking at the great info I was given it seems I might have went a little overboard. Will the 850 have any major downside?
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