Post time too long?

It takes like 14 seconds for the post to be completed.Is this normal or too long?

CPU is i7 870,motherboard is Asus P7P55DE-Deluxe.Using two sticks of Kingston HyperX 2 GB 1600 Mhz CL9 rams.HDD is Seagate 500GB.

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  1. If you mean should your computer perform faster, then probably not. My posts get finished in about 2-3 seconds using and AMD Athlon II X3 440 @ 3.3GHz, but it will depend alot on your internet connection. I think you are fine. If you feel that everything you do is slow, then look deeper into it. ;) Hope I helped
  2. POST = Power on self test Donut lol. Not how fast he can post to a forum.

    15 seconds is about right.......then Windows starts? So maybe 45-50 seconds from power on until Windows is ready to go? The only way to speed that up is add an SSD but even that will only speed up Windows booting not the POST. RAID or AHCI enabled will add time because they have to POST as well.
  3. Oh haha. Sorry. :lol:
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