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Skipping audio itunes and wobbly dragging video

December 10, 2012 4:53:46 PM

Help!! skipping audio itunes and wobbly dragging video!!

I have a dell desktop 4600i w/ SP3 Pro 32bit (Microsoft Updates automatically converted my reg XP SP2 Pro 32bit to SP3).

I recently re-installed my reg XP SP2 Pro 32bit on my pc because it was going super slow.
It's now going fast/normal again except for now my iTunes will easily skip non-stop if I do ANYTHING else on pc while music is playing plus any/all videos I watch online or on cd/dvd drive ALL drag and sound wobbly. However, when I make/ burn a cd off itunes it plays and sounds fine no skips, etc. on my home stereo (yea, a hi-fi!!) cd player.

A couple things that seem different from when I first installed XP was that after I re-installed XP I couldn't set up my usual internet connection w/my Belkin router so Dell took over and had me download this "Dell TrueMobile 2300 dell truemobile 2300 control utility", which I did and I'm online et al, but this is NEW and this did not not happen last time installed my XP, my Belkin router just did all internet connection set-up with my Time Warner cable.
Please know that I tried the usual solutions to this problem; There are no items highlighted in yellow in Device Manager nor is it not falling back to PIO mode, it always stays in DMA, etc.
I am very aware that I "have an old computer" and would of course love to get a new one but not in $$ cards right now. Besides, my computer worked great (!!) before this recent re-install. I'm also aware that more RAM would always help except I did NOT have this problem before -ever!! Until AFTER my recent re-install of my XP-SP2 (which Microsoft then sent me updates to turn it into XP-SP3, just as it did before). Sorry for too much info but I figure it helps and saves time to know what I've already tried that did not work. Any OTHER, NEW, UNTRIED solutions/fixes/suggestions would be greatly appreciated

I've tried this: choppy sound on DELL Dimension-

and I've tried this: iTunes for Windows XP: Troubleshooting video playback-

and I've tried this:
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And still same music skips and videos drag and wobble.