Looking for CPU+MB+RAM+etc suggestions

I've been away for a while in the hardware scenes. I can see a lot has changed.

Currently I own:

- Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600, OCed at 2.8GHz (I believe)
- GeForce 8800GT
- Gigabyte MB
- WD Black Edition HD
- Antec Sonata 3 case
- 22inch monitor with 1680x1024 resolution

I am looking to give this to my daughter and build a new one. I basically use it mostly for productivity purposes. I often use more than 30 windows open, mixed with different apps (all browsers, Eclipse, mySQL, Photoshop, p2p, etc). I always have background applications running. My existing system doesn't feel all that fast. I don't play games much these days so I probably don't need a super fast GPU.

Given this, what would be my best option? Trying to stay below $1000 budget.

Is i7-920 worth it over i5-750? What about AMD's 6-core CPU?

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  1. Start a thread in homebuilt section, theres a fill in form one the first page and well get you going :)
    heres a link to that,


    or if you dont fancy building it yourself, have a looksie on this one for guidance.

    hope this helps a little :)
  2. Nice links - thanks. :)

    I've also posted it under the section you have suggested.
  3. I just found it before I came to check back :) Im off to sleep now,nightshifts, but Im sure youll have some good replies soon mate :)
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