Building a buget gaming system and is core i3 better than core 2 duo

Im in the process of building a PC and want to know
for the money to performance ratio witch is the best performance for the 100-150$ cpu price range
>Intel core i3
>Intel core 2 duo
>AMD Athlon x3
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  1. AMD Athlon X3 435/ 440...
    So with the money saved, get a faster graphics card...that would make a better gaming PC...
  2. ya ill do that
  3. AMD. The core 2 duo is dead-end technology with no upgrade path, and the i3 is too expensive to throw away on a future i5 or i7 upgrade. AMD's socket AM3 does offer an upgrade path, and the entry-level CPUs are cheap. For $100 though, you can get an Athlon II X4. What is your total budget, and what resolution is your monitor?
  4. That shows my own temporary wish list.
  5. justin_2 said:

    You need to make a public wish list.

    Or just post the part names here. Use this as a guide:

    At any rate, +1 for an AM3 build.
  6. Certainly the i3 is better because (without googling) I think it supports hyper threading. So it does the fake quad core.

    But I wouldn't recommend an i3 upgrade to anyone. You're better off getting a real quad core. For about a touch over $150 you can get an amd phenom x4 ii 955 (3.2 ghz).
  7. @justin_2 still its not a public wishlist...
    IF you have trouble getting it, then just paste the parts name here...that will do...
  8. Onus said:
    That shows my own temporary wish list.

    haha I thought to myself, self (that's what I call me when I'm talkin to me), man that guy has great tastes!

  9. The mobo looks ok on a budget (although with 16x,4x it won't be good for Crossfire), but I don't like the CPU. For that price, get a X3, or spend another $12-$13 and get a X4. The RAM is ok, but get two sticks.
  10. well...
    i don't care for xfire (don't have the money)
    and at this moment i don't have the $ for 2 sticks of RAM but as soon as i get the money ill be sure to buy another 1

    but how boit dis for a cPu : ( think i like this one better) I read the reveiws and ALOT of ppl have had success wit unlocking the fourth core!
    not that i plan on unlocking it but it would be relly kool if i did

    wit this setup(including the updated cpu) my total will be : $169.97
    SUPER CHEAP and extreme fast!

    if you have any comments on it please let me know
  11. That's a much better CPU choice.
  12. @OP: Budget?

    Imo, I'd go for a better board and at least 4GB DDR3 and an X4.
  13. thx i like it to
  14. well ill go wit some more RAM later when i get the $$$cash$$$ but as for the motherboard i think ill settle for it.(read good reviews on it)
  15. and how about this for a case

    i like it because it looks almost like the aleinware cases :P

    with this case my subtotal will be : $204.96
    plus probly like 30 bucks shipping :(
    oh well looks like ive got to get to work washing and waxing some more cars

    after all i am 14
  16. That's the CPU.

    BTW, what video card are you getting? That mobo does not have video on it...
  17. i have an older ATI card that ill use until some more cash gets here
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