Can i upgrade/swap motherboard in my Dell Inspiron 1545?


I made the mistake of buying my laptop from wal-mart about 1 year ago, i just looked at the stats on the box and impulse bought it, i saw 4gigs of ram, 2.0ghz dualcore proc and thought that i could just "pop in" a good video card and have a nice lil portable gaming machine on the cheap. I couldnt have been more wrong. I figured Tom's hardware would be a great place to pick at some brains. So here goes...
I would like to upgrade or swap my mobo/proc in my dell inspiron 1545 laptop to be able to run games relatively well....doesnt have to be amazing...just 30fps in 25m raids( i will be solely playing world of warcraft on this unit), and i dont care if i have to disable shadows, play on moderate to low settings. As it is now, i only get 10-14 fps on average with all game settings on low in regular gameplay and drop to about 2-3 fps in 25m raids(unplayable).

So my question is, can i upgrade my mobo/proc/vgu to something better, (like an XPS,alienware,"enter gaming laptop mobo/proc/vgu here" system) and use my screen and laptop case? and if so what can i upgrade it too? and where can i purchase these parts?
what do i have to do to acomplish this?
my stock system is
Dell Inspiron 1545
Penitium Dual core T4200 @ 2.0 ghz
RAM 4.0 gb
system 64 bit
not sure what exactly the vgu is but it's integrated and terrible

my tech knowledge is low to fair (and that's being leniant)
I am clueless about laptops, but i do know if i want to upgrade my video i have to get a new motherboard.
Is there anyway i can get 30fps(+or minus 5-10fps) reasonably?
Thanks for your time and consideration in advance.
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  1. Those laptop boards are prorietary, meaning only one dell board will fit your laptop case. You try removing it and you'll probably void your warranty; be sure it's expired before doing anything, A few folks want to upgrade the cpu, but that's also difficult. Very few venders carry the newest cpus for laptops, and no upgrade info is provided by dell.
  2. So i'm S.O.O.L. basically?, i assumed that would be the case. Thanks for your reply, i deeply appreciate it. I am not really concerned with voiding the warranty as Dell's "customer service" is a joke to say the least. At this point im ready to deshell the screen from the case as it's the only part i can find a use for lol. . I've looked myself and couldn't find any information on this topic, even from Dell. (I have had nothing but problems with Dell and would never recommend them to anyone, but this is just my opinion and is biased from my own bad experiences.) I'm gonna keep shopping for a bargain/budget pc i can play Cataclysm on @ an acceptable fps(30ish fps in 25m raids). Wish me luck! Thanks again for your response.
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