Need a new SSD

Hi well i will be buying a ssd this week not sure witch one i want one with 120-128gb price range from 100-150$ the cheaper it is the better any recommendation i buy from newegg/amazon.i want one that will open windows 7 fast/ open my games allot faster.atm i'm using a 1tb hd and how hard is it to mount a ssd and what parts will i need to mount a ssd.
my spec

i5 2500k oc 4.5ghz
amd 7850 asus
8gb ram cosair Vengeance
cosair 650w
Case Raidmax Aeolus Gaming
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    thats not a bad deal. ive seen better, like vertex 3s going for 120 or 130. was a few weeks ago though.

    edit: scratch that, thats the canadian site
  2. any recommendation ? o,o on a 120-128gb ssd for my spec.
  3. I myself are currently looking for a new ssd.
    I've been looking on these so far:|20-147-134^A0FU_1_20120418_3284953%23%2C20-148-448^20-148-448-TS%2C20-227-791^20-227-791-03%23%2C20-233-226^20-233-226-TS%2C20-167-093^20-167-093-TS

    Just don' really know how to choose....
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    Hello mrwil,

    I would recommend the Crucial M4 128GB. $124.99

    It is fast, and reliable. I'm currently using it in my computer now - no BSODS, no problems.

    Basically - any SSD will open up your programs much faster.

    You do realize you will have to re-install everything if you want to run all your programs/OS on your SSD right?

    Edit: To mount your SSD in your case your case will either need 2.5" holder's or you might need a 2.5"->3.5" bracket for your SSD.
  5. thnx Chainzsar and Lazdaa i will be going with the Crucial m4 128gb.
    and yes @ Chainzsaw i know i have to re install everything but no biggie and i think i have a holder/bracket some where laying around.
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  7. my ssd came with the bracket
  8. I have used Crucial M4. It is great and you must know something about alignment I just figure it out these days.
  9. i should of got it from amazon but don't like the taxes got it from newegg but the shipping is so slow -_- ups to usps
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