Unsure of which video card i should buy pls help

hello guys and girls it is just about time for me to upgrade my vid card because the card i have finally died on me (nvidia Geforce 7600 GS) i went over to new egg thinking this would be an easy task finding a new vid card but little to my knowledge it seems like alot has changed since i bought the 7600gs so i have a few questions and just so u know i game on the pc so i need the card to be able to handle things such as call of duty modern warfare 2 and battlefield bad company 2

1:what is the difference between the cards as far as GDDR2,GDDR3 and GDDR 5

2:As far as the memory on the card goes if im gonna buy a new card i want to buy somthing with more memory than my previous. So i want to try to get either a 512mb or a 1G

3:Is there anything else i should look at on the card such as core clock, memory clock, and shader clock speed

here are some of the cards i have been looking at that are in my price range unfortunaley i have to stay at about 80$ (i want a card with a HDMI input)



and last but not least my PC specs sorry if they are kinda confusing i tried my best i also threw my monitor in there because im not sure if resolutions play a role when buying a vid card but i use 1920x1080 and an HDMI cable

CPU: E5400 @ 2.7GHZ dual core
MB: XFX 750i SLI extreme edition
PSU: PC Power & Cooling slilencer 750W
GFX: Nvidia GeForce 7600 GS
RAM: OCZ SLI-Ready Dual Channel 4096MB PC6400 DDR2 800MHz Memory (2x2048MB)
HDD: 250Gig seagate
Moniter:Acer H233Hbmid 23" Widescreen HD LCD Monitor - 1920x1080, 40000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio
Cooling: 3 case fans nothing special 2 on the side 1 on top venting hot air out

thanks and hope to here somthing back
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  1. Uh, you put the same video card twice. That's the nVidia 9500GT.

    Personally, from experience, the 9500GT doesn't game well at 1920x1080. You could, but then you would have to lower some graphics settings. It wouldn't be so fun to see all the glorious, low-quality soldiers running around in MW2 and BFBC2, right? Just kidding. They don't look that horrible, but you won't be able to turn up settings to the maximum.

    I would suggest you up your budget and get a GTS 250 or Radeon 5750. As far as memory amount/speed goes, higher is better. GDDR5 is twice as fast as GDDR3, which is twice as fast as GDDR2. You would want nothing less than 512MB, because at high resolutions (like 1920x1080), performance takes a hit because of lack of graphics memory.

    If you can't get the higher cards, you can try to overclock the 9500GT, as long as it's actively cooled. You can try finding a good deal for a 9600GT, too. :)
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