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I have a GeForce 9600GT and I'm trying to run Multiple monitors (where i have my desktop on 1 and the ability to move anything to the other). im running Windows XP and the monitors i'm using is the Samsung SyncMaster P2770H and an Proline 19' LCD. i can get a clone of my 27' to work on the 19' but thats all. Is it even possible to run HDMI on my 27' and the 19' at like 1024? pls any1 help me! this is my first time actualy posting on a forum.
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  1. HDMI is meant for TV input unless the monitor explicitely says it supports PC, can you try to use DVI to connect both monitors. I might be wrong but being a digital connection the graphics card recognizes the monitor more easily. I've tried it by pairing my 1680x1050 Samsung with an old 1024x768 Sony CRT.
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