Solid 5 bar connection then complete loss of signal

I have just recently bought an Asus RT-N15 wireless router to replace my aging netgear thats about 6 years old. This routers range is better (supposedly) than my old one. I get a great connection solid full bars up to 30ft+ away then it completely disappears? no signal at all my old router had no problems at this range even further it would slowly loose signal indicator bars. this router just drops from full signal strength to nothing. I can pinpoint the exact spot it drops too. I take one step to far and the signal goes from full to nothing? Is this a faulty router? or a settings issue? and its been tested on different laptops and mobile phones with the same result. Thanks
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  1. Experiment with channels (some work better than others depending on environment).
  2. Ive tried available channels and firmware updates same result. Ive never seen a router signal drop so sharply.I'm surprised that my ancient router has better range than this new one.
  3. what type of encryption are you using I have had issues with newer routers doing this while using WPA II
    On the other is your computers wifi card up to date as well and fully compatible with your new router
  4. its set to

    Authentication Method: wpa-auto-personal

    WPA Encryption: AES

    ya other computers wifi cards are up to date.

    It blacks out at the exact same distance with my blackberry,my Mrs. Iphone, and both her laptop and mine.
  5. Without entering the world of cops and hackers, a simpler explanation is that when you move the computer and the signal drops you may be wandering into the range of a powerful neighbouring wifi system -- or possible even your own cordless phone base or video sender.

    Switch channels if you can detect strong neighbouring wifi -- 5 stops from strongest neighbour. Relocate video sender, cordless phone base etc away from router/computer.
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