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Already have 3*2G=6G ram, adding 1/2/3 more 4G modules?

Hi Gurus,

I have three G.Skill 1600 2GB rams installed on my GA-X58A-UD3R MB, and I am planning to add some 1600/4GB modules, I am wondering,

1. Add 1 more 4GB ram --- will these 4 modules work in tri-channel mode?
2. Add 2 more 4GB ram --- will these 5 modules work in tri-channel mode?
3. Add 3 more 4GB ram --- will these 6 modules work in tri-channel mode?

Basically I want to expand the capacity without impacting the speed of these rams.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Better use same 2G RAM.
  2. Thanks for the reply.

    Yeah six 2GB sticks will be a safer option, however, 4GB is really what I want to get right now (I actually regret buying the 3*2 bundle now). But am naturally worried if adding more 4GB rams will impact the speed the tri-channel works.
  3. For 4G sticks you need to the Gigabyte site at your mobo page, check the memory support list and see if you find a 4GB RAM with the same voltage, frequency and timings as your current RAM (note down the RAM codes and look them up on the net). Probably you won't find much in there so go to newegg's mobo page and scan the comments, note down the 3 x 4GB RAM they say they use with the system and check those for voltages and timings too. Do the same on the memory pages, select 1600 DDR3 RAM your voltage and 12GB (3 x 4GB) and see if there's any RAM with the same specifications as yours.

    I know it's painful but all the mobos have issues with 4GB sticks, many are not compatible.

    Does this RAM fit yours?

    Make a new thread in here named "Need 12GB (3x4) 1600, "x" voltage, "y" timings for my GA-X58A-UD3R mobo" or something, hopefully somebody in here with that mobo can give you some pointers.

    You need to get a 12GB kit right off the bat not one or two sticks because they're tested to work together in triple channel.
  4. Thank you mosox, that's what I worried about, the compatibility with the mobo and existing sticks.

    Actually the first question of all questions would be, can a 3*4GB kit cooperate with my existing 3*2GB kit to offer tri-channel throughput/bandwidth. I can find ones that operate at the same voltage and latency etc. but first of all I need to find out if those 6 sticks with different capacities (2GB and 4GB ones) will work in tri-channel.

    Thanks very much for your help though.
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    They should work in triple channel but being different brands you never know for sure. Anyway with or without triple channel you won't notice any difference.
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