Why my computer freezes after startup

why my desktop freezes after startup
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  1. On boot, start tapping the F8 button, this should give you the option to enter Safe Mode.

    Once in Safe Mode, if it hasn't froze, then you probably have defaulty hardware or drivers or a virus that is crashing the system.

    Click the start button, the run, and type msconfig. disable everything on startup and all non-microsoft services. You can check the event viewer in admin tools that may lead you to the culprit.

    In addition, check Device Manager, also accesible through the Control Panel/ Admin to ensure know exclamation marks are present for any of the devices.
  2. This really isn't for (cnapo1286) but for others that may wonder across this tread, using win 7 64bit and have the latest version of ZoneAlarm Free Firewall and antivirus installed.

    Like darool said, if you can enter safe mode than it's most likely software or driver related.

    there is stability issues right now with product version of Z.A. and windows 7 x64.
    so take the time to uninstall ZoneAlarm (you can always re-install if this doesn't fix the problem.)
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