Installing linux os on new hard drive

I have installed a new hard drive in my PC and I am trying to install the linux os (cos it's free). When I try to load linux though the software tells me there is not enough storage space. If I go into BIOS it tells me: HDD [none]. I've tried clearing the CMOS and changing the boot order (don't know why just thought I'd try it). All to no avail. All I get is BOOT DISK FAILURE, INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND PRESS ENTER.
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  1. I would prep the drive first with a boot disk from the hardrive manufacturer. I use maxblast 5.0, a free download. Most retail boxed drives come with software from the manufacturer, and it will act as a bootdisk. Maxblast is a large file; will download to any hardrive with xp, vista, or windows 7. After installation to a cd or hardrive, you can reboot and shutdown. Then connect your new drive. Maxblast will detect it if you have both the sata and power supply lead connected. You can choose to use the new drive as a boot device (primary) or secondary. Once it's formatted, then you can clone it off your old drive, or do a fresh install.
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