XFX ATI RADEon 5770 card causes ASUS motherboard not to get past POST

I have a new system. It has a XFX 5770 video card and a P6T SE motherboard,thermaltake 850w PSU with the 6 pin adapter sonnected to the video card. When I boot the PC it won't post. If I remove the video card and replace with an old ATI PCI video card it posts and will start to load the OS from disk. I've seen some similar posts with this card. Any suggestions on how to proceed. Some additional info:
everything seems to be powered up as all fans are spinning; same results when I tried the 5770 in another slot. My gut tells me its not a bad card but no facts to prove this. thin either motherboard or video cable but would appreciate an experts advice.
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  1. That's weird, when you connect the old ATI card can you go into the motherboard main menu and find out whether the PC is looking for its graphics card in the PCI or the PCI-e slot?
  2. I went into the setup menu and there is nothing specific about video. The only thing that see that is even slightly related is
    1. front panel setup for audio has option for HDMI or spdif (sp) and it mentions VGA card. Mine is set for SPDIF
    2. for PCI and ROM there is an BIOS or current setting. mine is BIOS.
  3. Hmm, do you have a buddy you can try the card on? XFX is a great brand because of its lenient warrenty and the like.
  4. This has BAD CARD written all over it. Try the card on another system to be sure though.
  5. Thanks for your responses. I'm comming to the same conclusion that it may be just a bad card. Oh, I have used XFX before and I have no problems with the company at all. I tried a Nvida GeForce 7600 in the slot that the XFX was failing in and it worked just fine. However it does not use the 6 pin power connector so I'm not sure that its the card. The XFX's fan will spin whether the 6 pin connector is or or not. So all I really know is that the fan is getting power. I'll look to see if i have anything that I could try the XFX in but I don't think I do. The part that really puzzles me is that it is in a brand new machine and the vendor posts their progress during the build. They said it past QA and burn-in phases. So how could it not post and still pass; and if it worked then why would shipping impact it. I've reseated it enough times that its connection is not loose. I'd really love to hear from someone who has a ASUS P6T SE and the XFX RADEON 5770 w/1G RAM working on their setup.
  6. Found a machine that I could put the XFX card in. Intel motherboard and it did not post. At this point have to agree that the card seems to be the problem. More frustrated with the vendor who sold me the machine as that is what I would have hoped they would catch in QA or burn-in. But will wait to hear what they say. Again thanks to everyone for your suggestions.
  7. Even though products are tested some will trickle through, which is why we're here to help you out. One more thing almost all cards will work with or without the PCI-E power pin. The thing is that the cards that need the pin would not perform as well because the card does not have the additional power supplied by the PCi-E six pin. PCI-E the port by itself supplies 75W, additional six pin supplies another 75W, and an 8-pin on top of that supplies 150W.
  8. Well thanks again. Hopefully I'll get the video card issue all straightened out tomorrow and be able to play with the machine soon. I will post the final resolution.
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