Mixing cuda and streams with lucid

Sorry if this is not the right place for this question...

I am looking at the Asus Crosshair Formula extreme which has the Lusid Chip onboard. I just need some clarification on how it works. Does it mean I can use one Nvidia Fermi and one ATI Stream on the same board and they will run as if they were 2 Nvidia cards in SLI or two ATI cards in Crossfire? Or does it just mean It can use either one on it's own without using a bridge?

Thanks in advance
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  1. The 'Lucid Chip' allows multiple GPUs to be linked together a/k/a Hydra Engine - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hydra_Engine you don't want it -- it never worked well and is 'dead.' You want CF and SLI.

    Both the ASUS Crosshair IV Extreme and ASUS Crosshair IV Formula are CF MOBOs and are NOT SLI compatible. Keep in mind AMD purchased ATI; ATI = CF. nVidia = SLI. They are at war so AMD suffers because of this battle.

    If you want SLI and AMD then I recommend the M4N98TD EVO.

    However, Intel X58 and P55 chipset MOBOs support both CF & SLI. Games and Rendering Pros prefer the Intel platform because for the better scalability and performance gains over the AMD platform.

    Hope this solves the mystery.
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