Computer Blew Up (Literally)

So I've had this rig for quite a while now, and while using it late tonight I heard a really high pitched noise through my headphones for about 5 seconds. Next thing i knew what looked like the Power Supply was popping and shooting sparks out like a goddamn fire-cracker. I'm not 100% sure if it was a PSU malfunction or maybe just it dying randomly, what should I do now lol? I want to salvage what is still useful.

The rig is 2 years old, its got an old 550W Enermax PSU, E6700 Core 2 Duo and a 8800GTX.
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  1. You could probably test with another psu if the thing would still boot. The worst case scenario is that it burned everything down, though a bit unlikely.

    Most likely you'd be able to salvage your rig, though you probably would want to do the whole stability test suite just to be sure everything still works.

    * Memtest86+, Prime95, OCCT Linpack, OCCT GPU
  2. Agree with that. The PSU is definitely dead, and since it's a cheap unit, it may have taken several things with it. The motherboard, GPU and anything else connected directly to the PSU would be the most likely things to go.

    I would go ahead and buy a quality replacement PSU, unless you've got a quality one laying around in a build that's not being used. Here's a cheap quality unit if you need one: Antec BP550. Or step it up and get a Corsair. It might not be a bad idea to buy a larger one and plan to use it when you upgrade the rest of the build.
  3. Wow that was cool, having fireworks in your room... just kidding...
    Like the others have adviced you.
    Get a new PSU and try activating your system then do the stability test.
    If everything is OK (let hope so) than you can keep (the word salvage is a little bit hard) your system.
    If not, no other choice than buy a new system.

    I hope you could at least save your HDD...for me...any part is allowed to be blown sky high except my HDD, my datas are more important.
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