Looking for a new GRAPHIC CARD

i currently have the sapphire radeon HD 4670

and here are PC specs

CPU - AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000
RAM - 4gb DDR2
PSU - CoolMasters 500W
HD - 1TB western digital 7200 rpm

it clearly is not cutting anymore, weather the game is mass effect 2 or bioshock 2 the games constantly lag and eventually freeze even on lowest game settings. what would be a decent card to upgrade to (preferably under 400 bucks) im also looking for something that will last me atleast 2years
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  1. Four hundred what?
  2. bucks
  3. I'll assume US not Canadian, Australian... ;)
    Also, what resolution is the monitor?
    Right now the HD5770 would be a good choice, anything faster would need a more powerful PSU and be held back by the CPU.
    If you plan further upgrades ( CPU/RAM/MOBO) within a year, or you play at 1920x1080 the other suggestion would be a HD5850+PSU. Whith a little careful shopping you will get both for less than $400 US and they can be carried over into the next upgrade, but that card will be wasted money if you game at 1280x1024, in which case the HD5770 will be plenty.
  4. ATI 5750 if you game at 1600 x 900 or under
    otherwise move up to the ATI 5770

    *check the prices of both because recently the 5750 has come close to the 5770 price so for an extra $5-10, get the 5770 even at 1600 x 900 res
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