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A little while back i built myself a new rig and put it in a HAF Xv2 case. Everything was great and quiet for a few weeks until something started whining.. I found that the accompanying 200mm top vent fan: Cooler master A20030 was to blame. I thought perhaps there was something off with that fan, so switched it with the other identical side panel fan that came with the case, but that immediately started to whine the moment i turned it on.

Both fans are silent vertical, but whine loudly horizontally in a vent position but when flipped to draw they are silent. Thus deducing it is a bearing issue when the blades are hanging from the mount.

I'm perfectly comfortable with leaving the A20030 as a side fan and a spare (as i took the top one out), but i would like to fit some fans back into the top so my questions are:

1) Is it usual for horizontally mounted fans to wear out that quickly/whine immediately? (the A20030 apparently has the same code as the Cooler Master MegaFlow 200)

2) If 1 is yes, are there any fans with the blades inverted? Since it appears all will have the blades hanging from the mount when placed to vent.

3) Having reviewed quiet fans I was looking to get some Corsair AF140s, but cant seem to find a bracket to attach them to the 200mm socket. Unless you just use the cpu heat sink 140mm -> 200mm adapter?

Many thanks for your time :)
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  1. Have the same problem. Older case (@ Work and do not remember make) and cam with a 240 mm x 20 mm. You might know a 30 mm will not fit. Any way replaced it with one that was smaller (220 x 20). While also developed noise.

    On replacements The mounting holes for the 240 and 220 where the same. But they are harder to find than the 200. For the 200 I may have to redrill Holes. Also had to add a spacer washer toraiseit a smigent.

    But I have found that I could extend the "life" by removing the fan an squirting some silicon lubrcant into the bearings. And No I've not found a good LONG lasting 200 -> 240 mm fan when placed in the Horizonal plane.
  2. At a guess, it's due to the fan's bearing type. Sleeve bearing fans don't like being horizontal.
  3. hey guys thanks for the replies.

    further research does seem to be that its a sleeve bearing issue as Meoricin said, but odd that it happened that quick.

    i contemplated getting some silicon spray as RetiredChief suggested, but decided that rather than extending the life of a mediocre fan, id prefer to just get some better fans with different bearings. i was going to get some 200mm bitfenix spectre pro's as they were recommended to me and have fluid bearings and decent cfm/dba.

    i sent an email to coolermaster asking about the fans and brackets to mod the top, but they havent replied yet. As stated above ill just go with another 200 since drilling some holes and putting a brace across the gap for a 140 will just look ugly.

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